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CMA Story

After almost a decade and a half run of the CIO Magazine and its sister brands CEO, CSO, CMO, CFO and the newly added CHRO, we decided it was time to take and split our content platform to another more exclusive space. 

Especially with the Covid waves, business continuity issues, WFH and IT departments in sudden death and the need of the hour, even already established organizations went through hiccups in the pandemic fed super speedy digital transformations.

Hence, the CXO Masters Academy. Launching this alongside our sister site C-Suite Exchange which will house the above content brands for enterprise, the CMA will be a virtual space and eventually as things normalize, extending the narrative offline as well. But Covid has provided the opportunities for C Suites to connect from all over the country, region and world. Before our live launch for one trimester (May to August 2021) we piloted 10 events online to see the interest on the kind of content we wanted to generate for the enterprise space. It’s been phenomenal. 40 speakers later and a lot of market research and white papers to boot, we have the confidence we are taking a step in the right direction. So here we go…

So many stories to share. So many ideas to discuss.

CXO Masters Academy is not a school. It’s a new type of teaching and learning mechanism for modern-minded people who are bold enough to make a run for the future.

Salaina Haroon, Managing Editor

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