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Everyone agrees and has so for a while. For the CIO/CTO/CDO, IT competence is no more enough. In today’s extremely terse and competitive environment, the leaders who succeed are those who have overlapping essential business skills as well as can work with other executives from finance, human resources, marketing and operations; these and other disciplines are fundamental for anyone wanting get the best out of their technology roles and into formalized executive leadership.

CMA Master Suite

CXO WatchTower Firesides

In the same vein as CXO Boardroom Classics, our CXO Watchtower Firesides will be one on one or one on two to three, classrooms with senior functionaries associated with our various media brands, CIO, CISO, CFO, CHRO, CEO and CMO. 

CXO Leadership Live

Based on CIO International’s Leadership Live, ours will be an engaging series of lively hourlong discussions between business leaders across operational LOBs as well as cross sectorial and some of the country’s top technology executives as they explore IT strategy, DX and more, packaged as videos and podcasts.

CXO Boardroom

An idea given by a top technology executive, CXO Boardroom was an exciting one for us. These will feature one-on-one exclusive concourses with board members who oversee large organizations and sit at the crux of critical thinking for business centrals. These may appear as standalone sessions or in conjunction with our larger program outlays.

ScaleUP CTOs

This s a specialized content narrative where we pick up CTOS of funded startups from the tech stack functions and speak to them on how technology is helping them build companies that are disrupting and transforming entire industries. These sessions will also be built into our regular summits, conferences and other platforms.

CXO CrossOvers

Expanding on the CXO Leadership Live format, we will be selecting two to four panelists ranging in crossover functions (finance, hr, marketing, digital, operations, security, executive) from different organizations and inviting these senior executives for a banter on their POVs on IT championship and strategy.


SHEXO is a series of conversations with female leaders in top C level positions not only championing innovation in enterprises but also joining a set of women leaders who sit on the tech partners side, looking after the arm of products & programs that help enterprises scale their digital transformation strategies.


Following the same pattern as the CIO Magazine + Boston University created Mini MBA for Tech Executives while keeping in mind how the pandemic has disrupted the organizational landscape, we will be launching the CIO Pocket MBA on CIO Magazines 15th birthday after September 2023.

The Pocket MBA will enhance and sharpen knowledge in critical business leadership areas and why rising tech executives need to embrace the next level of leadership. Your batch mates; rising tech executives from organizations countrywide will become a powerful network of peers lasting long after the course ends. Similarly, CISO Magazines first annual fellowship with CISO Forum will be a designed cybersecurity retreat for risk and IS champions within enterprise IT departments. 

CXO Masterclasses

Our métiers or masters will be leadership across the technology and business sector sharing their sphere of lessons. Short modules and tablet talks designed by them and laid out to the aspiring IT leader. 

These Master Classes provide balanced inlays and critical insights by combining nuanced ideas, expertise and practical case files to life in easily digestible virtual formats.

All our summits, conferences and get togethers will have always have a series of Master Classes from industry leaders.


Specialized Content Services

CMA run by the CXO-IDG Content and Branding Studio can also create authentic customer and executive stories for both executives who are building their individual image and established brands or venture-funded startups. We house the ability to create, distribute, and promote stories of victory from your customers and executives that support your brand goals and help you reach senior business decision makers. We are flexible to tailor the programs and content to both individual and organizational specific requirements. 

  • Influence: Our panelists are will be some of the most influential executives in the country. When we speak about you, people will listen. 
  • Outreach: The right people spend significant time with our curated content. Let us tell your story to a precision fixed audience.
  • Ease: We control the process to make everything easy for you.​
  • Surety: After fifteen years of running the premier enterprise technology brands in the country and tailoring content across print, online, event and research mediums, be sure we know our stuff.
  • Delivery: We deliver on time. Always have. With tighter budgets because of the pandemic we realize that a seamless, cost effective process benefits all.

New Tech Vendor Outreach | Developing Specialized content for IT Departments | University programs

For new technology vendors, IT departments that want to bring exclusive content to their teams, universities who want to get onboard with program content from CMA as an add on to their existing engineering or cyber security programs we are the right fit.

nominate yourself

or a guest

Being a Panelist/Master Host/Featured Fireside on CMA is a highly curated process. We welcome suggestions from the enterprise sector on who they would like featured on our various programs. Our content features are entirely merit-based and there is no charge to be part of our programs to propose guests.

We do prefer large organizations, but will sometimes feature startup CEOs who are genuinely changing the eco system or introducing powerful, new ideas. So get in touch and be part of the classrooms at CMA.